Q. What is Clinicgram?

Clinicgram is a digital health solution that allows healthcare professionals to obtain and manage patient data in a fast and easy way in the form of intelligent images, to make data-based decisions and improve the care and treatment of their patients.
Clinicgram: allows the healthcare professional:

  • Take images of clinical cases and enrich them by associating data in the form of a customizable clinical scale
  • Integrate the images and associated data into the EHR
  • Request a second medical opinion from a specialist of your choice to corroborate or consult a diagnosis
  • Obtain graphs of the evolution of the clinical case over time
  • Consult a list of previously prescribed treatments for clinical cases similar to the one studied, according to typology, etiology, location and other parameters

clinicgram should be used by health professionals for informational purposes. It will never constitute a diagnostic tool and does not replace the functions of the health professional.

Q. How can I use Clinicgram?

Clinicgram is a very easy to use platform for diagnostic support.

  • Register for your user account here
  • Download your Clinicgram Professional application for Android or iPhone
  • Enjoy the benefits of using smart images to make better decisions

The user will receive a copy of the instruction manual along with the application credentials.

Q. How much does a subscription to Clinicgram cost?

Health is our priority. That is why we always offer a free Smart version so you can make better decisions based on smart images. Contact us through the registration form and we will help you find out which plan is best suited to your needs.

Q. How many languages are available?

Currently the app is multi-language, being available in Spanish, Portugal, English and German, although we are open to new proposals for collaboration in other languages.

Q. I have lost my phone, what about Clinicgram data?

Clinicgram is designed to close the session automatically after 3-4 hours of use. This way, in case of theft or loss of the mobile device, the access time to your patients’ clinical data will be minimal. Moreover, being a secure platform by design, all data included in our servers are encrypted, so in case of theft or loss, data cannot be linked to any patient, so there is hardly any risk. However, we recommend to change the session password as soon as possible using your web portal and send us an email to [email protected] and we will revoke the certificates immediately.

Q. How can I remove Clinicgram subscriptions?

You can cancel your Clinicgram account anytime. Just let us know by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject “request for personal data rights”. Our colleagues will help you manage it comfortably…

Q. How many patients can I include in Clinicgram?

In Clinicgram there is not a limit of patients you can manage with the application, but a limit of monthly images and monthly consultations with other health specialists. Contact us and we will help you find the plan that best suits your needs.

Q. How do I synchronize my patients with the EHR?

You can export your patients’ reports in PDF format from the application itself. You only need to select the sample(s) you want to export and click on the upper right menu in the sample list view. There you will be able to export the selected sample(s) in PDF format.
If you want to integrate them directly with your medical records manager, contact us at [email protected] or through our contact form.

Q. Do I need an internet connection?

Yes, to operate correctly with the application and to be able to save the smart images generated with the app you will need the device to be connected to a Wi-Fi network or have a data connection.

Q. What device do I need to use it?

Clinicgram can be used in most mobile devices or Tablets. You will need an Android version 4.4 or higher, or iOS 10.0 or higher, and a minimum resolution of the main camera of 12Mpx.

Q. I am a researcher and I am interested in Clinicgram, can I use it?

Yes, as a researcher you can use the professional version of Clinicgram if you wish. If you are interested in trying our Artificial Intelligence Add-ons, contact us to find out how to collaborate.

Q. How are my patients’ data treated?

All clinical data of patients processed by Clinicgram will be encrypted and protected to preserve their privacy and confidentiality and will be only managed by Skilled Skin S.L., without being transferred to third parties. For more information, see our Security Page.

Q. Who provides the second medical opinion?

As a Clinicgram user you can choose the professionals of reference to whom you send your consultations. If you belong to a healthcare institution, the agenda of professionals for the second medical opinion will be managed in a group with the institution. Since the second opinion is done through the Clinicgram platform, both the health professional and the expert must be Clinicgram users. In these first versions of Clinicgram we will have a defined and limited number of experts who will perform this function, provided by the health organization where the platform is integrated. In case the health organization has not provided medical personnel to act as experts for second opinions, this function will not be available, since Clinicgram does not have external experts to provide this service.

Q. Who develops Clinicgram?

Clinicgram is a mobile and desktop application designed and developed by SKILLED SKIN, S.L., with registered office at C/ Venezuela, 76, planta 2, 08019 Barcelona, and C.I.F B-67360438.

Q. Can I ask a patient to send me images through the mobile application?

No. Currently it is not possible for your patient to send you images through the application. As soon as possible, we will let you know through the application

Q. How do I take pictures?

The Clinicgram application requires that the uploaded photos have enough luminosity and quality. Therefore Clinicgram recommends to follow the following instructions:

  • The user will only use the latest version available in the Apple Store and/or Google Play.
  • Disinfect the mobile device where the application is installed to avoid possible infections that can be transmitted to the patient.
  • In order to bring light to the CLINICAL CASE photograph, a lamp can be used. It is not recommended that the light from the lamp falls directly on the area to be photographed. Ideally, the light should be diffused. It is recommended that a white cloth be placed over the lamp and that it be placed slightly away from the area to be photographed. Another way to achieve the desired light intensity is by placing a sheet of paper over the lamp, or a plastic bag.
  • The position of the light is another important factor in terms of the image quality of the CLINICAL CASE. In order to eliminate shadows on the area to be photographed, the health professional should not take the picture under the lamp. The ideal position will be standing at the side of the patient.
  • Whenever possible, it is recommended to use the “locked focus” mode of the mobile devices camera (Smartphone and Tablet).
  • In case of dental imaging, the cheek and tongue retractor should be used, to prevent the tongue or lips from obstructing the image, creating reflections or poor contrast. The retractor will also be used as a reference to orient the device, always placing it with an approximate orientation of 45º.

Q. Does the application make the diagnosis by the healthcare professional?

No. Clinicgram constitutes a system of help and support to the decision of the health professional during the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of CLINICAL CASES.
Health professionals should not use Clinicgram as the only tool to evaluate, diagnose and/or decide the treatment to be administered to their patients because Clinicgram does not recommend or validate medical diagnoses or treatments by itself. Therefore, the user will be solely responsible for complying with legal requirements for the exercise of their profession and for applying their professional judgment when using information obtained from Clinicgram for the care and service of patients. In any case, this information should not be considered a substitute for the above criteria.

Q. Who has access to the images uploaded to Clinicgram?

All information, both data and images, uploaded to Clinicgram is immediately encrypted following international data security recommendations and standards (GDPR). Only the healthcare professional and persons authorized by him/her will have access to this information.

Q. I am a patient, how can I use Clinicgram?

Currently there is not a version of Clinicgram to be used by patients, so this option is not possible.